Digital Health Product Forge 2020

Europe's largest annual digital health & care hackathon

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Join us for Europe's biggest annual health hackathon where hundreds of health professionals, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, designers and technologists will be spending 75 hours realising the future of health and social care.

Open to everyone from unlikely innovators to seasoned founders; whether you want to launch a startup, develop a product within an existing organisation, solve a problem that you have studied at university, or just develop new skills, this event will leave you equipped will the mindset, teammates and tools for disruption.

Tracks this year include Sports & Mental Health, Social Care, Emergency Medicine & Cybersecurity in Healthcare.

Why participate at Product Forge?

Product Forge is a career defining experience which welcomes professionals from all backgrounds, ages and levels of expertise.
We connect people who do not normally have the opportunity to work together, in an environment that fosters meaningful relationships over shallow connections.
Participants join cross disciplinary teams who are tasked with identifying and solving a real challenge within their chosen subject track. Teams are coached by industry experts through each stage of the event.
You'll be immersed in a real product development process, leaving you equipped with the mindset and skills to take your project forward after the event, or to develop new ideas.
Product Forge is a creative playground that encourages focused work whilst supporting positive physical and mental wellbeing. We provide healthy food, wellness activities, and around the clock access to breakout and rest areas.
You own everything you develop at the event and set your own metrics for success. Whether your goal is to develop your skills, solve a specific business or technical challenge, find a co-founder, or simply meet like minded people - we're here to help.

Get involved

There are three ticket types for the Digital Health Product Forge 2020


Participants join a team at the event in Edinburgh and develop a new digital product prototype with the support of our mentors. You don't need to have an idea first or know anyone before you arrive - just bring your laptop and heaps of enthusiasm! You own everything you create, and there's no obligation to work on a particular challenge.

Teams will be streamed into a set of thematic tracks including sports & mental health, social care, emergency medicine and cybersecurity - but we'll have a wildcard track for ideas that don't fit into one of the main categories.

Watch the highlights from the last event >

Online Summit

Purchase the online summit ticket to watch the event track talks, workshops and team presentations via livestream, with access to a library of edited presentations you can refer back to after the event. This is the perfect resource for anyone considering developing a digital health product if you can't make the event in person.

Online summit access is included in participant tickets.


If you can't participate, but can make it along in person to watch the final presentations, join us on Sunday evening for drinks and networking with our teams.

Participant benefits

Participant tickets include all of the items below as standard. Purchasing a ticket takes less than two minutes - you can come back and fill in optional information later.


Over 300 of the best minds in digital health will be attending, and through the speed networking or over dinner and activities you'll get a chance to speak to all of them!

Food & drink

Participant tickets include breakfast, lunch & dinner; ten meals from Thursday to Sunday evening. We serve healthy food that will leave you feeling nourished and focused!


To keep you feeling good and give you regular breaks from your laptop we'll be hosting a variety of activities including walks, football and yoga, as well as board games!


You'll be supported by a team of mentors who will coach you through each stage of the event; team formation, customer discovery, prototyping and presentations.

Venue access

With 24hr access to the venue from Thursday 5pm until Sunday 9pm you can forget about the time and get in the zone. We'll have an open plan workspace, a quiet space for focused work, nap area and showers.

Child friendly

Children are welcome if accompanied and we have baby changing facilities available and a soft play area in the venue.

Optional add-ons for participants

Add-ons may be purchased after registration and are included as standard in corporate tickets.

CPD Workshops & certificate of achievement

Purchase the workshop add-on for access to four tutorial sessions covering skills in team formation, customer discovery, rapid prototypying and public speaking. Includes a certificate of achievement for the event and counts as CPD hours with selected organisations.

+£65 (ex VAT) for participants

Registration information

Product Forge opens on Thursday at 5pm with networking and team formation, and runs through to Sunday at 9pm. Participant tickets include ten meals and 24hr access to the event venue. Children are welcome if accompanied, and we have showers, quiet rest spaces and baby changing facilities.

What will you be doing? Your team will be tasked with developing a new digital product. Each day comes with a specific focus; customer discovery, prototyping, and presentations. Don't worry if you haven't done anything like this before; you'll be supported by some of the best minds in health tech, from data scientists, seasoned entrepreneurs and front line NHS staff. If terms like customer discovery are new to you though, there's an optional ticket add-on which includes four 30 minute workshops which we would recommend.

You don't need to have an idea or know anyone else who is going before you register - all you need to bring is a laptop and your enthusiasm! Most of our participants haven't met prior to arriving so don't worry if you're coming by yourself; mentors will be on hand at all times to help you find a team and get the best from the event.

Non-technical? No problem! Events like these are not possible without the input of subject matter experts, designers, researchers and service users. Creativity happens at the intersection of different disciplines and anyone with an interest in digital health can make a valuable contribution.

Can't make the whole event? While you'll get the best from the experience if you can join us from Thursday evening, don't consider it a deal-breaker (please note that attendance from Thursday evening is required for CPD certificates). Drop us an email and we can arrange for you to join us at a later time.

Questions? Please email our team at [email protected]