Future Health Product Forge

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In partnership with NHS Scotland

Why participate at a Product Forge?

Product Forge is a career defining experience which welcomes professionals from all backgrounds, ages and levels of expertise.
We connect people who do not normally have the opportunity to work together, in an environment that fosters meaningful relationships over shallow connections.
Participants join cross disciplinary teams who are tasked with identifying and solving a real challenge within their chosen subject track. Teams are coached by industry experts through each stage of the event.
You'll be immersed in a real product development process, leaving you equipped with the mindset and skills to take your project forward after the event, or to develop new ideas.
Product Forge is a creative playground that encourages focused work whilst supporting positive physical and mental wellbeing. We provide healthy food, wellness activities, and around the clock access to breakout and rest areas.
You own everything you develop at the event and set your own metrics for success. Whether your goal is to develop your skills, solve a specific business or technical challenge, find a co-founder, or simply meet like minded people - we're here to help.