Renting Scotland Mini Forge


14% of households in Scotland now rent privately from a landlord or a letting agent, a proportion which has more than doubled in the last ten years.

Join us for the Renting Scotland Mini Forge on Thursday November 16th from 6pm - 9pm, where we will be welcoming tenants, landlords, estate agents, as well as software developers, designers, and data scientists & analysts to come together and isolate issues within Scotland’s rental sector.

Are you a tenant who has experienced problems with finding a flat or negotiating with landlords and agents? Have you had disputes over maintenance, heating or deposits?

Are you a letting agent or landlord facing issues managing flat viewings, late payments, tenant communications or maintenance?

The Renting Scotland Mini Forge is your opportunity voice these issues, and take the first step towards finding digital remedies.

Dinner and drinks will be served.

Partners, Sponsors & Data Providers



This is a past event and registration has now closed.



Norloch House, 36 King's Stables Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2EU